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mobilizing people & financial resources to care for the world's impoverished

"We can change

the world and make

it a better place.

It is in our

hands to make a difference."

– Nelson Mandela –

Looking at the needs in this world we all know how easy it

is to become overwhelmed and feel defeated.  Our

inability to see a solution can paralyze us with

hopelessness.  There's no way that any one of us,

or even any single group of us, can make enough

of an impact to turn the tide.  But working together

there is hope – working together we CAN make a

difference in the lives of hurting people.  

Locking Arms' desire is to see people in business, people

in our various communities and churches  working together.  

We believe it all begins with awareness.  If people become aware of a need AND are shown a way to respond, they will typically make an effort to assist.  So Locking Arms will host various charity events  to raise awareness.  We hope to open hearts & eyes and give people the opportunity to take that next step towards making a difference in the lives of others.   Perhaps that will be as a volunteer  with our organization, or maybe they choose to

sponsor a child.   And for those ready to  truly step out and make a "hands on" difference, they can join us on an amazing GlobalTREK short-term mission experience that will change not only the lives of those they serve, but their own lives as well!